A True Act of Love

Birthdays come and go and everyone celebrates in different ways. This was done for me this year and without going into the reasons why, I have only had very few birthday celebrations in my whole life.

For many weeks now, Don was telling me my sister-in-law was coming here to celebrate with me this year. (Reaching a new decade is cause for something). On Friday we drove up to the airport and I am intently watching everyone arrive and no “little redhead” coming off the plane. The next thing that happened is the face of my daughter popping up in front of me saying “how’s it going sunshine”. I almost fainted and certainly could hardly breathe for a few minutes.

We head for home and the next couple of days were busy. My cousin showed up (she was expected) for a night and then on Monday I was told “not to ask questions” and don’t go outside. The consiracy between my daughter and husband was epic. It was funny, cute and heart warming all at once.

Now the phone calls start, and the timeline of mine is loading up with good wishes, jokes and jibes. The cards from special friends brought a few tears and, believe it or not, Don and Kelly went over and above anything  you could imagine.

At about 5 p.m. the doorbell starts ringing and 14 friends show  up. Don cooked, put together all the dinner and appetizers; Kelly made some guacamole and salsa, set up the bar, played bartender, set up the deck and the two of them really worked hard, all day long.

This was an act of love. Truly planned, executed with nothing but smiles and hugs and love. You will never know how blessed I feel right now. Don is definitely a ‘keeper’ and I wish we could ‘keep’ Kelly.

To one and all, thank you so much. This was one celebration I will never forget…..ever.

Love? Nothing that money can buy. It is from the heart, given freely and when it falls on the one it is directed to…priceless. And to my two granddaughters and Suzanne…no one could sing it any better. Wendy and Bill?  Don ‘t quit your day jobs….tee hee.


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  1. What a great few days you had, and you deserve every bit of it! It sounds like the perfect way to bring on the next year.

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