Lost day….sort of

Yesterday our friend and decorator, Daryl, and his sister, Wanda,  were coming for a brief visit as they were heading back to Vancouver. So now, even though the house was clean,  I did it over again.  I even washed the floors. Can’t show off  if there is dust….)

We were hoping that the weather would cooperate, so….three times  I set the table and dismantled the settings, brought them in the house only to repeat this before their arrival. . Finally I put the cushions away and we ate inside. DARN!

We poured a glass of wine and gave Wanda the tour of our place and then downstairs to show Daryl the final results of all the planning of the Gathering Room.  Like the rest of the home, it was WOW!

 Daryl gave us the most awsome gift of 9 different coloured medium-sized balls that rest of water pattern glass trays.  Not sure if he was glad our project was finally finished or not….just kidding! Then he proceeded to set it all up. Cool.

While at the table, we discussed the arrangement of the furniture (kitchen and sitting area, along with the beautiful kitchen that Don has) on the deck. We solved that and then it was time, sigh, for them to say good-bye and head home.

Friends, a glass of wine and a little  lunch is not a lost day…not by anyone’s imagination.  Love these visits.

Now one more day and the two boys come here for a golf weekend with their dear ol’ Dad.  Love it!




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