Valentine’s Day for Everyone

There is always a lot of pressure placed on those who are alone (by choice or not) to be with someone at this time of the year.

Well, when I say you should make the effort to prepare a special dinner for your mate, including candles and flowers, tablecloth, and cloth napkins, it is also for the single people as well.

Note the pictures; one set for one and the other has been set for two. No big deal either way, but looks special. Having just returned from Maui, what else would you expect me to do?


Why not? You are just as  important and even if you order a pizza in or buy something prepared by a kitchen in a restaurant, take it home. set the table (make the effort, it is important) light a candle, put out a cloth, napkin, good dishes (at least the best you have), pour a glass of wine and enjoy the fact that you actually did this for YOU.

For everyone else, Plan ahead….salad or soup? Or both? Chicken? Pork Tenderloin (my meat of choice for Valentine’s), steak?

Potatoes? What kind? Rice? Pasta? Vegetables: Your choice, just not canned or frozen. Fresh is always best and it shows you actually took the time to do this.

Dessert? White Chocolate Brulee? Cheesecake? Chocolate Cake?


Fresh fruit, cheeses and a few crackers?

Big, expensive gifts are not always the way to show  your affection. A sincerely bought card, a single rose or a bouquet of flowers and time set aside to show you care.

Enjoy! Now I have to go and plan our own special time.


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