Our Cooking Class April 10, 2014

It is funny how life gives back sometimes….Don and I were asked to put on a cooking class showing what, how and why we do things the way we do. We were asked to prepare a brunch for Easter (or any celebration brunch) and prepare a tablescape.

We had 5 months to think about it: to plan, practice, change our minds, try again and then, of course, what colour scheme would I go with for the table…it took a while to get this in order for these two people to get it right and I guess we did. I chose purple/white and a touch of pink in the Easter eggs. It even had a little brown bunny on the table.

The menu was served in three different segments. First one was a fruit kabob with yogurt/lime dressing, orange croissant french toast (which Don finished this on site) and a white chocolate pecan muffin. So many oohs and aahs here. We had a few leftovers and put them out on the counter and then there were none.

Second plate: hashbrowns for a buffet, ham with Don ‘s fabulous sauce and grape meatballs. These people, I swear, did not have supper. Not a leftover on any plate. Don cut the ham on site as well – does that make him a “ham”? NOT ! He is so good at what he does.

Third plate: Lime impossible pie and strawberry sliders (miniature shortbread with strawberries and chantilly cream.) Don demonstrated how to make the dough and then baked it off.

The comments were so very positive and heart-warming to say the least. Thank you to Frances, her hard-working team and for believing what we do and how we do it actually means something. What a ride. Thank  you so very much.



3 thoughts on “Our Cooking Class April 10, 2014

  1. I only wish I could see you two in action. You both seem so, so talented. Your menu sounds absolutely fabulous.

  2. We really enjoyed the comments, the thank-you’s and the fact tat we fed 50 people with nothing left for doggy bags—even though we had food for 65. Bonnie did a great job and for your info, her book was a sell out! Congrats to her.
    Pauline, you can have your private chefs anytime…plan a trip OK?

  3. It was a fabulous evening, the food was sooooo good.
    Will be trying the menu for guests this weekend!
    Have also made the ginger muffins with lemon curd. WOW
    thanks so much!

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