Starting The New Year Off Right…..

When we returned from our mini vacation, of course it means laundry, cleaning house, ironing and then…..getting ready for a special dinner with neighbors (friends) who looked after the ranch while we were away.

It was being planned, even when we were away, so it is really something to think of new and different and I think we have done it.

This one dinner is Don’s doing. It is what he wanted to do and it sounds scrumptuous. We are starting out with his homemade lox on toasted baguette and, (this is what I had at Emeril’s in New Orleans), a toasted baguette with super finely chopped country ham, apple, topped with Buratto cheese and balsamic vinegar. In a word…or two….totally awesome.

From here we go to the dining room table which is set out in black and white with a couple splashes of bright red. We start with a Shrimp and artichoke soup (OMG this is absolutely spectacular in texture, flavour and tummy happiness. The second course¬†are fabulous scallops with mango salsa. Oh yeah, it sure sucks to be me….not! A lovely chilled wine was paired with these two courses.

Because of all the above, we opted for a simple (not for me, I love this) baby carrots with some of the tops still attached, steamed asparagus and Filet Mignon barbecued with a breathtaking sauce. To finish this dinner, we are having, and again this was Don’s choice, stewed bosc pears in red wine sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

All the above is with Tin Horn Creek’s Pinot Noir 2009 and 2010.

To truly finish the dinner and sit around and chat, a lovely chilled burgundy ice wine, coffee and chocolate.  What else is there? We will take pictures this evening, I promise, and will post them tomorrow.



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  1. Our efforts were good. The camera was on the island where we were plating all the courses. We noticed it after the dessert was already eaten. Damn, I still can’t get this right. Could that be a new site? haha

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