When The Boss Comes to Dinner

Several (?) years ago, I invited my boss and her husband to dinner. I called ahead and asked if there are any dislikes or allergies and hearing none, this was the menu for them.


  • Mushroom Palmiers (a hit of the season for us)
  • Salmon with Crab Sauce
  • Asparagus with toasted sesame seeds
  • Garlic mashed Potatoes
  • Papaya/Shrimp Salad
  • Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake


After this dinner, she kept telling everyone at work she had eaten at the Four Seasons. NOW, comments like this keep the two of us going.

Remember, it is not WHAT you serve our guests, it’s HOW you present the entire evening.

Treat your company like royalty and take pride in what you are preparing.¬† By the way, my ‘boss’ is now my friend and SHE is my hero. She just finished the Ironman Race 2011. Sounds like another dinner coming¬† up. She wanted Martinis at the end of the race but we had company at home and couldn’t make it. Her trainer said WATER! He doesn’t know us very well. Right Laura?


1 thought on “When The Boss Comes to Dinner

  1. I believe it was better than the Four Seasons, I don’t think the
    Queen could have been served anything better.

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