Almond Cream Bombs

This is a true story and a very funny one. Our friends were holding a theme dinner, Chinese, and Don and I were to bring dessert. We tried..the internet, books, and this is what transpired.

When you can’t find the impossible, you:

1.  Look in every cookbook you own, ask friends, phone the Library and then, when all else fails, go to step 2.

2.  Drive around until you locate a Chinese grocery store.

3. Speak to the saleslady there and ask about what desserts are served with gourmet Chinese fare.

4.  The lady now tells you they are not big on desserts and usually settle for jello, cake or orange slices. Now as panic sets in, we look at their Bakery counter for some inspiration.

5.  Look at your watch and see that you have enough time now to get home, shower and get to the dinner  you must do the following:

6.  Buy 3 each of Pineapple-Coconut Cream Bombs and Almond Cream Bombs.

7.  Ask the lady how they are served and buy the Almond Custard she recommends.

8.  Put it together and as the guilt sets in (you know everyone else made from scratch) you tell a little white lie and hope you are forgiven and vow that the next time Chinese is on the menu, opt for some soup.

This is true and now, of course, as any cook/hostess fears, someone asked for the recipe.  At our next dinner, we handed out the above and we all had a great laugh. Sense of humor to the rescue.

Remembering this calls for a martini of some kind…..later.


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