Damn I Can Do This……Swan time

There comes a time when a person must sit back and analize what has happened or is about to happen in their life. I have thought very seriously about this and I want to share my thoughts with you.

I had the good fortune to publish a cookbook that took a few years to compile and present. I started my recipe/entertaining site and my Restaurant/Hotel reviews over 5 years ago and have, for the most part, dedicated a recipe to each and every day. When we do dinners, we have always set the camera on the counter promising to be sure and take pictures so we can show you what each dish should look like. Then…we sometimes forget, eat the dinner and realize we didn’t take any pictures. Drat – I must be human after all.

The first pages of my cookbook were more for setting up your home for guests…either for Bed and Breakfast owners or the lowly guest room you have that probably gets everything stored in it. This helps you through it all. When we first started there was no one to assist us to make sure we did it right. So we tried to put together what we had learned through going to theĀ  Library for a year. This was to show how to put together a Bed and Breakfast or simply prepare a space for guests in your home when they come for a visit and stay. Little details can make a huge difference in comfort and quality showing your company that you care…about them and your time with them. These little touches really make a difference.

The second half of my cookbook was dedicated to our most requested recipes at our Bed and Breakfast. We were fortunate to have many of our guests return to stay with us. We had one couple who returned to us several times and then returned to their home and designed their own Bed and Breakfast along the same lines we had set up. This was a great compliment to how we operated our home for guests.

I also love presenting beautiful tablescapes to enhance the dining experience in our home as well as teach others how to make them for any holiday or occasion for their family and friends. I make a point of doing this even when Don and I are celebrating something special or “just because”. We take pictures, post them for you to see and so perhaps you can design your own table and, when I am asked, will gladly show others how to do these; using what they have in their own homes

I have asked…begged actually, for people to sign on this site. It costs nothing but shows me and my two mentors, just how well it is going. Well…that didn’t happen. I found I had lots of readers but no one signed on. (as well as Google keeps track).

My “Damn I Can Do This” site now has 1500 recipes, hints and tips and I think it is time to say no more for awhile. I tried every kind of meat, fish, salad, soup, dessert, and vegetable to tempt everyone. Don’t misunderstand me. I loved doing it, I loved seeing if it helped you, and I don’t know what I will do now to fill my time.

My “Damn I Gotta Read This” site will still be an on-going review of hotels and restaurants we happen to be in., wherever we travel. I hope you will read them and make up your own minds before you visit these same places.

Thank you one and all….for making me think I could actually make a difference but I think the difference was in me for me and I am truly blessed.

I think my family thought I was crazy doing what I do everyday, but, whenever they read a recipe, I feel proud; prouder yet if they even make them.

Do me a favour now please…..make your favourite cocktail (several on my site), pour a beer, non-beer, glass of wine, or just a glass of water and make a toast to remember what you have read here and maybe return from time to time to actually use a recipe of mine.

Have fun!



It’s been fun but now I have to go a prepare dinner for a group of friends…honest.


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  1. way back…it took me over a year to compile it. It is different for sure. Now that we are home, I am trying to put together another one. Who know?

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