Entertaining On A Long Weekend

As mentioned before, we have a kind of unusual weekend, but for us, a fun one. We have three different meals to put together and this is what we are doing.

For the luncheon, we are making a corn/panchetta chowder and a Croque Monsieur Sandwich (these are to die for) like we had in France.

For dessert a wonderful summer fruit tart on puff pastry using our own peaches, fresh blueberries andĀ  nectarines. A touch of whipping cream and YUM!

A glass of wine and lots of laughs. That is easy!

For the first supper

A special Bouillabaisse with clams, mussels and shrimp

A salad with the most wonderful Burrata cheese on a crostini with cherry tomato, fig balsamic vinegar on arugula with a side of pickled peaches.

The main entree is grilled lamb chops (me – salmon), my most favourite risotto and garden peas.

For dessert – a wonderful fresh peach cobbler.


For second supper

My cousin makes the best fried chicken so we are taking the vegetables, buns, salad and yes, again…..fresh peach cobbler. When you get so many peaches on your tree, you have to start makingĀ  up things….pickles, jams and more jams, and then desserts. What can I say?

Then we pack it all up and head off to their campsite to enjoy a fun evening. When the four of us get together the laughs and stories are never ending. Love it.

Be safe everyone, it is a long weekend…drive safe, eat well and laugh lots.


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