Steps in Setting Your Table For Company

We had a dinner¬†Sunday for a well known Chef and his family. (We must be nuts, but that is us)…..Below are steps taken to show how to accomplish a pretty table. It is not difficult to do. Use what you have and make it work.

Step back after each step and look at the table……what can you add? Remove because it isn’t working? Always, always have candles, fresh flowers (shows you care), clean and pressed linens, cloth napkins (forget the paper napkins), clean silverware (even kitchen quality if that is what you have).¬† Don ‘t forget, this has taken me years to add to the table, so don ‘t give up.

You won’t be sorry you didn’t quit and your company will be super impressed. My 12 year old grandaughter (at the time) set a table that was simply awesome one year for Thanksgiving.

deciding on cloths and colours
Charger plate and protective plate doily
Basic plates put on
napkin/cover and silverware added
Soup bowl. wine glasses added
bread/butter plates complete and individual flowers on table
– Completed

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