Christmas can be happy, sad, reflective, noisy, lonely, bringing back memories of Christmas’ past. I found this year, that my husband and I were not alone in insisting (if you will) to say, hear or read in print,  that Canadians WANT Merry Christmas and not what has been called, politically correct nonsense, anything other than.

I can remember when I was a little girl that if my father didn’t know or wasn’t too sure what somone’s religion was, with a firm and sincerely meant handshake, he would look them in the eye and wish them Compliments of the Season. Other than that, Merry Christmas was the mantra.

Christmas….Christ….that is the reason for this….a birthday celebration for the birth of Christ. This is what we,  in this country, celebrate. It matters not which faith you believe in, they all center around this. Anyone coming to or newly arrived in our beautiful land, cannot really believe that we will change what we believe in or stand for, just because they believe in something else or nothing at all.

Peace…Faith…..Understanding….Sharing….Helping someone in need…prayer……contemplation….

Okay, kids love presents and Santa. Sure! Who doesn’t? But have we stopped teaching our children also the reason for this time of year? The real reason?

Have we, as a worldly community become so callous or dead inside from feelings and faith due to all the tragedy in this world?  I don’t believe that.

From my heart, and my family, we wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and secretly hope, you also got your wish from Santa.


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