My Thoughts This Mother’s Day 2013

This morning I was thinking about my Mom, as I do daily, and I could hear her voice calling out to me to  “straighten those feet”. She did this until I was walking properly. I was not even in school then but, like most kids, was pigeon-toed. She was not going to let me be one of them. Now I say ‘thanks Mom’.

She taught me how to skip, clean house (chores as a kid), treat guests who entered our home, and  only she could make a roast beef dinner so good and tasty and with the darkest gravy. On a good day we would even get yorkshire puddings as well. Every meal had a dessert and always conversation. Sometimes good, sometimes no-so-good. For all of it…‘thanks Mom’.

I wanted to wear stiletto heels (I was 15 years old) and she told me I could only wear them if I didn’t ‘wobble’. It took me 3 minutes to conquer that one. Let me tell you I wanted to wear those things so badly.  She always made sure when I was leaving the house, either to work or on a date, I looked the very best I could. Not too much make-up, clothes pressed and clean, shoes polished (my Dad’s deal – had to have good looking shoes). Now, for all these reasons,  I say ‘thanks Mom’.

I have just now turned a very, very young 70 (well I am) and my Mom passed away 8 years ago this coming summer, and darn it, I miss her still so badly. We didn’t always agree on life-things, but what I wouldn’t give to hear her voice just one more time. To hear her call out to us to make ‘Dad stop’. He always was flirting with her, or pretending to pinch her and she would call out to us and then laugh. Even so, I can say ‘thanks, Mom’.

She made a pastry like no one has ever made anything like it. So to have a freshly made apple pie or pumpkin pie was true heaven. If offered either/or as a choice, everyone always took both. (greedy little beggars we were).Miss that taste of your pastry…umm, yeah! ‘thanks Mom’.

I am a Mom to one, “step-mom” to 4 more and a Grandby to 4 wonderful grandkids. I wonder just what they will remember from our  relationship with each other. Did they learn anything from me? or close their ears?  Will they say things I used to say (as we constantly do with our parents). Will they laugh and say Grandby and Grandad were sure silly, funny people who gave their all to everyone? I love them ferociously and would give my life to protect a single hair on their heads, if danger was present. For having the capacity to feel this, I can say ‘thank you God’.

So if you are a child, adopted or not, love your Moms with all you have. Tell her often and speak as often as you can. Don’t be so angry you shut her out of your life over something that may have occurred long time past. Nothing could ever be that serious and, unless you are a Mom yourself,  you couldn’t possibly comprehend the devastation she would feel. She knows you love her, but it doesn’t take but a second to give a heart-felt hug, kiss, or phone call and TELL her you love her. We, as humans, thrive on being told we matter, we are loved, and that we would have a hard time, if you weren’t here. Trust me, if you knew my Mom or you even know me, you will know why I am saying ‘thanks Mom’,

From my heart of  hearts, Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I always have a hard time when I pass all the cards in the store celebrating this special day. I can’t buy them anymore for you, but I do still in my heart. I always look for the ones with purple flowers and words that mean something, knowing how much you would like it. Yes, I still care and miss you always. The tears will always fall down my cheek, as they are now, when I remember things from so many years ago, yet still so fresh in my mind.

‘Thanks Mom…for all the memories, for teaching me so many things and the fact I am now looking more and more like you every day, I can honestly say ‘thanks Mom’.

I really do Love you…..

To all of  you…remember your Mother,  and with your children, make memories with them and for them. They will always remember. If this touches a cord with you, why not pass it on?



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