Getting Ready – Tips and Hints

People think I don’t have a life outside my site, but I do and when we plan a dinner, especially one as big as this, it takes time to prepare for the entire month-not just one night.

The Christmas cards and Christmas letter are done and ready to be mailed December 1. We have some of the outside lights up, but not turned on just yet. We have a few more to buy. It is a good idea to do this when the weather is decent and not in a snow storm.

The two lighted deer who move, are put now together and will be put outside just in front of the patio wall of windows so everyone inside can see them work. We bought two 3 ft. tall Christmas Trees with lights already on them and placed one on each side of the fireplace. The evening of the dinner, we will turn them on.

I spent a few days thinking about a ‘theme’ colour for the dinner settings and so far have settled on a (best way to describe it) is a winter greyish/bluish colour. Now that made sense, didn’t it?  When the table is set, we will post a picture for you to see. I have made about 16-17 different items for the trays and have one more to go. I made my dessert and put it in the freezer.

We bought the clear wrap used for baskets and ribbon. I still have to type up what is on the tray so the recipients will know.  Oh yes, I am going to type up menus for our guests to read and take home. They do….every year….


The candles, tablecloth and tablecloth cover are picked out and ready to go on the table . If this seems early, it gives me the opportunity to gather all what I need for the table and put it there for when I am ready to set the table.


The menu  has been tweaked a few times to make sure it will all flow smoothly. We try hard but it isn’t always possible.


I am so lucky to have my talented furniture-maker husband. He is now making me a tall, thin table to house all the wine, glasses and snacks to enable people to pick their own and at their leisure. It also gives me time to spend with our guests. This is why we invite them over.  Small plates and napkins will also be set out.


I know I am forgetting a few things, but as I have another week to work on it, I hope I can remember it all. Oh yeah! Can’t forget the Christmas Tree to be put up and decorated. I can do this! and I have for many, many years. It is a lot of fun once you have put one of these dinners under your belt. Honest…..





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