It’s Different Here

Today it is cloudy and a bit windy and the big thing today is the grand opening of  a new grocery store. Would you believe the whole town came out and half their relatives I swear. It was totally wall to wall people/carts and management passing off samples of cheese and candies. I think this is done to keep the tempers in check. The line up to PAY for the groceries went from the front of the store right to the back of the store in EVERY aisle. Also across the one side of the front, the Customer Service counter was putting through all the 20 items or less baskets. It was a huge success for the store opening and fun to see a small town in action. I am sure it will be talked about for weeks to come.

Then the Landscaper was here and showed us his drawings and he will surely make the yard look splendid. Now we just got the estimate for the LITTLE fence to go around part of our property, and they must make the fencing out of gold. YIKES! Alms for the poor, alms for the poor. Just kidding we really need to win a lotteryquick or else a good martini. Guess what I opted for?  Nah!


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