How Traditions Start

The rest of my story on the pumpkin pie heart:

About 5 years ago, Don’s daughter Suzanne offered to take on the Thanksgiving dinner. Being Grandparents, we said yes but I would bring the pumpkin pie.

I made the pies and with some leftover pastry put a big heart in the center. No one said anything. I did this for a couple of years and in a hurry last Thanksgiving, I forgot about putting the heart on it.

My youngest grand-daughter and son-in-law (I might add) were shocked not to see a heart on the pie. They said they always knew I had baked it with the heart on it.

Our¬†conversation turned to Christmas on Saturday night at the restaurant so I turned to the family and offered them a choice of: pumpkin pie OR…didn’t get that far, it HAS to be the pumpkin pie with the big heart on it. There….a new tradition was born.

Now…about Christmas?


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