Crepes That Taste Like Apple Pie

The other day Don said he wanted to make something special for Sunday Breakfast. Yippee!!! says me. This is what we had. The batter for the crepes comes from a very old entry by Martha Stewart. The rest is Don’s invention.

This recipe is made in 3 major steps. Please read through first then go for it.

Crepe Batter

  • 1 3/4 cups flour
  • punch of salt
  • 2 cups milk, room temperature (more if you need it)
  • 3 large eggs, room temperature
  • 5 tbsp.  melted butter, plus more for the skillet.

Sift the flour into a large bowl and whisk together the milk and eggs in a medium bowl. Pour the milk mixture into the flour, whisking to combine. Whisk in the butter. Strain this into a medium bowl and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight. When ready to use, it should be the consistency of heavy cream.

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat and brush with butter. Ladle 3 tbsp. of batter if making small crepes. Wwe used 1/3 cup for the larger crepes. Turn and tilt the skillet to evenly coat the bottom of the crepe.  Cook until the top of the crepe appears to be set, the bottom is firm and golden brown in spots and the center is lifted by pockets of air (about 1 minute).

Run a spatula around the edge of the crepe to loosen. Slip the spatula under the crepe and GENTLY flip in one swift gesture. If it doesn’t land perfectly, that is okay, Simply use the spatula to unfold it or rearrange it. Cook until the bottom is firm and golden brown in spots, again about 1 minute. Transfer to a plate, and use parchment paper to insert between the crepes when cooking. Repeat with the remaining batter, brushing the pan with butter, if needed.

Serve immediately.

To make ahead and save your nerves, continue on

Making the Spread

  • 8 oz.  cream cheese
  • 1 tbsp. milk
  • 1 tsp. sugar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla

Put this in a blender and pulse until completely smooth. Set aside and keep at room temperature.

Apple Pie Spice

To maker the spice, use:

  • 4 tsp. cinnamon
  • 2 tsp. nutmeg
  • 3/4 tsp. allspice
  • 3/4 tsp. ginger
  • 3/4 tsp. cardamom

Whisk these together to completely combine.

Now the Filling

  • 3 cups diced granny smith apples (3-4 apples)
  • 2 tsp. of the spice mixture
  • 6 tbsp. butter
  • 6 tbsp. brown sugar
  • a generous handful of toasted pecans, chopped

Add the sliced apples and apple spice together and toss to coat.

Melt the butter in a medium sized saucepan and add the brown sugar, stirring until the sugar has melted. Add the apples to the pan and let simmer for at least 15-18 minutes until the apples are soft, but not mushy. Keep warm until serving.

Ready to Plate

Prepare the crepes by spreading the cream cheese mixture evenly on each crepe. Put a dollop in the center and spread it like making a pizza. Add  generous amount of apples on one end, and roll each crepe over . Put a drizzle of pancake syrup over the length of each crepe and a dollop of whipped cream on each one.

We added a couple slices of bacon and WOW!

For 3-4 people there are enough for 2 each (extra for tomorrow).

*Note” this will make 32 six inch small crepes or 12 ten inch larger crepes


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