Meet The new Neighbors Night

In the last few months we welcomed in two new neighbors into their new homes. Our friend Charlotte invited us over one night to meet the new neighbor next to her and it was lovely with wine and snackies and generally, get to know our new addition to the cul de sac.

Next to us, new neighbors moved in and we got to know them real well. Now, they don’t know the other two couples so…..

We are hosting a wine and cheese “get to know the neighbors” evening here. We are having the usual wine and finger foods. This is what Don and I chose and hope it will suit any and all tastes.

  • Grape Meatballs (recipe on site)
  • Triple layer (crustless) sandwich sticks of crab and egg
  • Ginger and hazelnut crackers with whipped cream cheese and yellow bell pepper jelly (spicy)
  • Cucumber rounds with a herb cream cheese/goat cheese/roasted red pepper (3 different rounds)
  • Salami sticks on baguettes pieces
  • Belem (Portuguese) Tarts

That should make the evening an enjoyable one and make it all a little friendlier. I told one couple last night that the reason we were doing this was so they would not be left out when we move (if we sell the house, that is). The lady booed me.

Onward for tonight.


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