Follow Up On Meet The Neighbors Night

Well, the dust has settled and we are still smiling about just how successful the night was. Let me explain…

About 5:45 p.m. Don and I started putting together the  ‘snacks’  we had planned. This, alone, took us  few days to think out and plan for and now we were ready to execute.

I double checked that washroom (enough paper out), mirrors cleaned, fresh hand towel on the counter and set out the candle so it would be ready to light just before our guests arrive.

Work done now and I light the bar of candles on the entry table, the candle in the bathroom and turn the light on and dim it a little. I always turn the light on so guests can find it easily and not always ask where the washroom is. The time is now about 6:55 p.m.

As they arrived, two by two (kidding, sort of) we introduced everyone to each other. Well, now I know it is going to be a good night. They all stood on the entryway and talked, and talked. I finally went and sat on the bench in front of the window and after a few moments I started to laugh. When they looked up and saw me, they came and sat down in the living room, the conversations never missing a beat.

We introduced everyone to the table with the snacks and poured the first glass of wine. We informed everyone that from this moment on, they were on their own. This way, you eat and drink what you want, not what the hostess thinks you should do. Don and I went into the kitchen and set out the hot appies and now invited everyone to ‘hit the table’ and everyone was into the evening.

Remember now, everyone who is not of the ‘mature’ birthdays, this is how the ‘oldies’ handle this kind of evening. One neighbor got up and returned to his home and came back with his guitar, music stand and book of songs. Not to be left out, another neighbor went to her home and came back with her husband’s package of about 8-9 harmonicas and song sheets. Then the fun began.

After a little bit, Don got up and picked up his Hawaiian gourd drum (Apu Hekki..sorry if spelled wrong) and away we went.  We sang and sang, laughed and chatted the night away.  When the evening (early morning hour) was done and the last neighbor left, it was the most successful evening we have had. Don and I have been in the entertaining mode for over 25 years and I always thought we did a good job. This? This was the best.

Our neighbors may not get together often but they won’t forget this night and best of all, won’t be strangers when they do meet again. Don’t be afraid to do this when and if new neighbors move into your block or neighborhood.

Oh yeah, on a final note….our new neighbors did not know each other but it turned out one neighbor knew the father of the other new neighbor. Also, they wanted to exchange emails at the end of the evening because in April another ‘hootenanny’ is going to take place and they want the guitar player and beautiful partner to be in attendance as well.




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