Christmas Eve Day Preparations

This is the last day to make your list and check it twice. No fun to sit down at the table and find you forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer.

For our home it means to double check the table to see that everything is as it should be, complete with fresh flowers and candles, Christmas crackers in place at each setting and a small stocking filled with chocolates, candy cane and baby mandarin oranges for our guests to enjoy.

Turkey is brought up (having been thawing for a couple of days), ham on the counter, tourtiere done, potatoes done, turnips done. Peas and corn ready to be cooked tomorrow, along with the cornbread side dish and dressing.

Silky butternut squash soup is done and must be brought up, creme fraiche has been made. Buns will come out of the freezer tomorrow.

Good! Now, dust the furniture, clean the bathrooms until they sparkle, put some fresh flowers on one side of the sink and maybe a small Christmas decoration.  Vacuum the house and you are set.

From the time I was 3 years old, my father took the family out for dinner as his gift to us. He did this to showcase the work my Mom would be doing on Christmas day and he was saving her cooking dinner. It was a tradition he carried on almost until his passing and Don has now carried the torch. It is a simple gesture for sure for some, but it is engraved in my heart forever. We always had a ‘special’ coffee, he and I and I always seem to miss him more than ever at this time. The same with my Mom. She made a dressing for the turkey and in 60 plus years of marriage, she never once tasted it and my Pop loved it.

Pop always peeled the potatoes, carrots, turnips and set them aside in water. That was his ‘job’ lovingly done each and every year. He was never asked – he just did it.

My check list is now done except for one thing. Never forget the reason we celebrate this time of  year, regardless of your choice of religion; the homeless, those left alone or living in horrific conditions, just say thank you and pray for a better world and on behalf of Don and myself Merry Christmas, and Blessings for a year ahead that sees your dreams and hopes come to fruition.


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