Nine Ways to Upgrade Crostinis

Entertaining can be a puzzle sometimes. Always wanting to not serve the ‘same old – same old’ munchies. Try these. Just make sure you slice the bread on the thin side, and diagonally, toast lightly and enjoy.

You certainly don ‘t want to make all of these at the same time, unless you are entertaining about 50 people – as if!

Sauted kale with a garlic soft-cooked egg. Simply boil water, add some eggs – cook for 5 minutes. Drain. Done! This one must be eaten at the table. The soft boiled egg will drip. Don’t despair and not try this. It is very yummy.

Homemade is best here. I say this because if you live in B.C., raspberries are a real bounty. Spread raspberry jam on the crostini and top with an aged goat cheese.

Brush the crostini with coconut oil (lightly). Slice a banana on the diagonal to attain long strips. Sprinkle with coconut flakes. Here also, you could also replace the coconut oil with a chocolate spread OR peanut butter (smooth). Endless ideas.

Spread the crostini with a honey mustard (my preference), add thin slices of cooked ham (either honey ham or Black Forest). Top with dried apricots, sliced to make it easier to bite into.

Cherry tomatoes, smashed and placed on the crostini. Top with cooked bacon and snipped basil.

Spread the crostini with maple syrup and top with chopped, toasted, pecans. YUM!

Spread the crostini with chevre cheese and top with grapes, sliced lengthwise, and chopped almonds.

Spread the crostini with cream cheese, top with smoked salmon, sliced thin, and a few capers.

Lastly, (for me anyways) spread a grainy mustard on the crostini, top with thin slices of salami and very thin slices of cucumber with peel on.


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