Pictures of a Fabulous Valentine’s Dinner

I previously mentioned how the two of us were putting together the dinner. It was fun and not one cross word in the kitchen. True!

We started out with two (2) appetizers. Don made garlic and butter fried shrimp with hot sauce and crackers. Let me tell you, NO ONE can cook shrimp as good as that was; only Don.

I made a shrimp and avocado creme brulee. I’ll bet no one has had this before. It is so darn yummy I will definitely be making that one again. The Havarti cheese sauce really makes it and the sugar topping pulls it all together.

We took a small break and then had a New York Sirloin Steak with a Lobster Mornay sauce. Along side that was rainbow carrots with a mushroom stuffed baked potato.

It is a good thing we took our time over this meal. So far it is two hours and counting. A glass or two of Sangiovese red wine went perfectly.

That done and the dishwasher working, we decided to have a slice of my blood orange pound cake with a blood orange sauce. You will see by the two pictures just how that went.

Now, that was fabulous, made with love and a lot of care but… is back to the diet today.


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