Menu For A Retirement Party For Friends

We have a friend, who just retired so, of course, we have to have a dinner party to celebrate such a wonderful challenge to a man who has worked most of his life (as we all do, I know)

It will start with a glass (or two) or wine and wonderful two kinds of bbq chicken wings to munch on and chat away. A small token gift of wine will be offered.

Now, moving into the air-conditioned dining room (+ 38-39 degrees is being called for), we will start with:

Pulled Pork Popovers *

Papaya/Shrimp Salad With a Ginger Curry dressing

Orzo dish With Smoked Trout

Fruit/Cheese/Nut Tray



* Don invented this dish. He made popovers, then cut in half and placed generous amount of pulled pork on bottom and set top at the side and then drizzled some of the sauce over. OMG! These are the best of the best of the best. Damn he did it again!

The orzo dish he made before and it is served lightly chilled. It has a remarkable homemade pesto sauce in it (recipe for this dish is already posted on this site).

The dessert tray had:

3- 1/2 inch squares of a hazelnut “wafer” cookies,

4 kinds of cheese (small pieces)

candied pecans (made in the morning)

fresh fruit – peach slices, kiwi slices, green grapes

toasted baguettes slices

This, my friends, was a hit the other night and  will be again. Seems to go over well on hot nights instead of a heavier dessert.

Try something like this and you will be praised over and over.

Yummy dinner menu (99% is made in advance) where you can spend all your time with your guests.


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