Happy Anniversary To Step-Daughter And Son-in-law

I know I did a comment or two for my daughter’s birthday, but today is my husband’s beautiful daughter, Suzanne and her husband, Victor’s  (he does a mean Elvis impression) wedding anniversary.

These two wonderful “kids” have raised two beautiful, smart and loving girls and never let anyone in the family down. They offer their home, beds, food and great companionship to us all.

They have to share this day with Kelly but…..everyone is so loved and gives that same love back it is not a big deal. No selfishness here. We just came back from a family wedding and it was wonderful to be together.

Congratulations you two. Have a wonderful day and by the way, your loving girls fired their Grandby and Grandad from babysitting tonight. They said something like WE were too old or THEY were too old…didn’t hear correctly.  Love you. We  are so very proud of your accomplishments.

p.s. just kidding about being fired…we quit. They were far too good.


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