Mother’s Day Thoughts


Well, this is a tough day for me, sometimes…….I remember a lot of the things my Mom did for us…..the funny things she said and did…..I remember how she treated company, when they came to the door…”never let your Company go without serving a fresh pot of tea/coffee and a store bought cookie if that is all you have on hand.”

I swear this is where I got my pattern from….we treat everyone – be it family, friends, neighbors or first-timers like royalty.

I remember raising my daughter and feeling like a total failure for not being able to give her the opportunities everyone else had. I was a single parent most of the time and money was scarce. She has never, ever said anything except thank you….for everything. Wow! I did something right. My daughter has never received a present that she did not sit down and write a thank you note. For everyone……Again, I did something right here too.

I married a fabulous man who had four children and now have four beautiful grandchildren to spoil ….Grandbys can do this, you know. This is one position I would not, could not and absolutely will not give up.

Yesterday, after a few thoughts and, yes, tears, my wonderful, God’s gift- to- me -husband, gave me the funniest card ever and another charm for my Pandora bracelet (Shamrock). He prepared a breakfast for a Queen…fresh asparagus on toast with a hollandaise sauce drizzled over AND on the other side of the plate an Eggs Bennie with even more of that awesome sauce.

Then the phone rang and my wonderful daughter called and that was a great present. As a parent you will understand what I mean when I say her laughter is a wonderful sound and I can never tire of it. Too bad we live so far apart.

For dinner, my beloved prepared a perfect meal….we shared a wine/beverage on our fantastic deck in the bright sunshine and then came in to feast of roast beef with a breathtaking jus and my favourite recipe for squash. He asked if I would prefer risotto (my very favourite) or sit out on the deck together. I chose….him! He made me feel so very special today and I love him even more because of it.

I hope all mothers, step-mothers and adopted mothers were able to hear those three little words that make any and all trials and tribulations seem a long distant past…I love you. If you are estranged from family…make the effort and phone or write…..those three little words are heart-mending, heart growing and glowing…..being a Mother is God’s greatest gift.

Mom I miss you and yes, I do love you and I’m thankful to be a Mom myself….a very proud Mom at that.


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