Tips For Hosting Responsibly


It’s the start of summer  and the gang is coming over for the usual party. There are a few tips that you should read and consider….seriously! If you don’t and someone leaves your party and gets involved in an accident…you could and probably would be considered the guilty party.

To begin with, you should have the plans made, menu planned, drinks or wine attended to. Do consider not drinking or drinking a little. You should have a clear head in case a situation arises.

Provide food and make sure it is high in protein and high starch such as cheese and crackers. Try to avoid truly sweet items or highly salty and/or greasy items. These tend to make people thirsty and thefore, they will drink more….faster. Mix things up, and all will be enjoyed.

Have on hand pop, chilled water and juice  on hand for any designated drivers.  You could also make mocktails – then no one is looking left out.

Always measure your drinks. Use a jigger and refrain from free-pouring. Do not serve doubles and offer non-alcoholic alternatives between drinks.

About an hour before the party closes, offer tea, coffee  and a sandwich, perhaps. Stop serving alcohol. If a guest has over-indulged, be a friend, and take his car keys from him. He/she will thank you in the morning.  If he won’t give them to you, call a cab or arrange for someone to take him home.

Have fun and happy summer.


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