Friday Night Dinner With Our Neighbour

Our neighbor, who has become a good friend, gets to come over when we need to experiment or feel she might want some company or just for no reason at all.  Last night was the latter…no reason at all.

We tried to keep it light, healthy and simple…..sort of! We need to and she is getting ready for a mexican vacation (you know…bathing suits, sexy dresses)


We started with a glass of perfectly chilled white wine (no eats here…) and enjoyed some conversation while poor Don did his thing in the kitchen with the lemon risotto.

Our menu was: 

 Salad: Greens with pears and goat cheese (we added blood orange segments as well),    with  freshly made parmesan crackers. (I changed the cheese to Asiago and Romano – fabulous)

Entree: Poached salmon  in white wine and seafood broth

lemon risotto

poached fennel and red onion (same broth as the salmon)

Dessert:  Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake with a drizzle of a luscious vanilla sauce.


We need kudos here, we managed to take pictures of the table setting, salad and main course. Sorry, but the dessert was gobbled up before we could take pictures. Damn, we did it again!

The table setting was simple, colourful and in the dining room. How perfectly delightful it was.



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