Day After – Pictures

This is a little different today. We will be posting pictures of last night. If you come here and they are not on yet, don’t give  up. It may take until tomorrow but please, come back. Without a doubt, this was probably the best party we have ever put on.

I/we have been entertaining for many,many years and, believe it  or not, I learned a few things….

1.   is to use cocktail sized, colourful (not chinet) plates, and using Christmas napkins. Lay these out on the table.

2.  name tags for each plate/bowl so guests don’t have to guess what they are supposed to eat. Using dollar store and/or Ikea small ‘platters’ worked.

3.  we invited old friends, neighbors (some new), and new friends. Asked them to put on a name tag so people would know who-was who.

4. When they came in, we asked them to help themselves to whichever wine they wanted, talk to anyone they didn’t know and then wander around the table as much as they wanted to.

5. Secret: cleanup was an absolute breeze. Washed the wine glasses/rinsed with hot vinegar water and put away. That was it. The friendly ‘electric cupboard’ did the rest. Enjoy the pictures and don’t be afraid to have friends over. It was SO worth it. In fact, my cousin and her husband dropped in about 2 p.m. and we sat, chatted, laughed a lot, shared a Christmas drink and then they went on their way.



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