Saturday Lunch

Today we are having my cousin and her husband for lunch. It is a simple lunch consisting of silky squash soup (recipe on site), Mediteranean sandwich made with focaccia bread from our favourite local bakery (Osoyoos) and homemade strawberry angel food cake.

The table is set (royalty, you know). It is nothing to put on some flowers, cloth napkins and, simple charger plates. See what happens? You are showing you care and that they are important (they are).


The soup is fantastic and we wanted to show them what wonders their homegrown squash can do.

The sandwich is one of the signature sandwiches that Don makes. They are fabulous and served with a little coleslaw. Yummy!


Dessert is a homemade angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Uh….sorry, the dessert was eaten before we remembered to take the picture. It was sooooooo yummy!


What more can you possibly ask for? A glass of wine perhaps and finish with a perfect cup of tea/coffee. Great way to spend a Saturday, catching up with life, telling misshaps from growing up (always) and just enjoying the company.


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