A Real Swiss Fondue

While in Switzerland this summer, we were at the Stadkeller Restaurant and this is their recipe for a real fondue. They claim to enjoy the fondue properly, one should also consume a Kir (see recipes-signature drinks) or a crisp white wine, well chilled. Now, don’t I always say the same thing? See?….

Rub an earthenware bowl with a clove of garlic. Crush the garlic after that and leave it on the bottom of the bowl. Make sure you have about 7 oz. of cheese per person of a rich gruyere and emmental cheese, grated (half gruyere and half emmental).

Add a “knob” of butter and pour 1/4 pint of white wine per person. Place the casserole over a medium flame and stir with a wooden spoon. If the cheese forms a thick mass, continue stirring and it will be re-absorbed.

As soon as the mixture starts to cook, stir in a liqueur glass of a good kirsch  in which you have dissolved a teaspoon (per every 4 people) of potato flour or corn flour. Add  little grated nutmeg and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Just before digesting, add a knifepoint of baking soda and the fondue will be lighter.

Place the casserole over a spirit lamp that can be regulated, keeping the flame just high enough to keep the fondue simmering gently while the meal is progressing.

Serve with large diced bread pieces with crust on. Spear a piece of bread with your fork and dip in the fondue, stir and……..enjoy!


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