Father’s Day – Memories

Father’s Day can be a day of great joy and happiness with all the family treating their Dads  like a King For The Day, or it can be one that is bittersweet…happier memories of days gone by and the sorrow of not having him still with you.

For me, it is remembering some of the really happy times, Irish sayings, his pride in self, a strong moral code and a twinkle in his eye. He sang whenever there were Irish songs to be sung or wartime hits from the past. He was as honest as the day is long and instilled in us that our good name was the one thing that money could not buy. He had a work ethic second to none.

One of my father’s favourite things was being with his grandaughters…playing with them, showing them ways to do things and also scolding whenever necessary. He loved his wife above all, then his kids and did for all of us what he could.

My father was deeply religious but he never preached. This was kept within himself and he lived his life this way. We were never without a roof over our heads, food on the table and did the best he could for all the yearly celebrations, birthdays and Anniversaries. The fact is, we knew he did love us, although for most of our lives, he didn’t know how to tell us – he did by his actions not hugs and words.

My Dad’s gift to the family at Chrismas was to take the family out for dinner on Christmas Eve – siblings and their spouses and grandchildren. I miss that at Christmas still to this day.

My father passed away 13 years ago and there isn ‘t a fortune in the world I would keep if I could only hear his voice just one more time or see his smile or watch him tease my mother. Yeah, I love him and his memory is with me and actually grows stronger each day. I talk to him, ask him questions and pretend I know his answers. This is my way to cope with such a loss.

My husband’s kids are so, so lucky to have their Dad still. Don has lived a life in illness for a long, long time but is always there when and if they need him. The boys come out and spend the Father’s Day weekend golfing with him and he can never get to the time fast enough when they are coming without being anxious to see them once again. He loves all his children including  his “middle” daughter so much . He is a super grandad to his 4 grandchildren. Yup! They are so blessed for this time together.

To all Dad’s out there – Happy Father’s Day.

If you have your Dad still – love him. He is not perfect but he is the one that has been loaned to you in the big scheme of time. He was chosen for you for a reason. If your Dad has passed away, remember the good times with tears of  joy, not sadness for his being gone.

Dads are in our lives for just enough time for them to accomplish their job with us, as we are only loaned to each other. Don’t be sad and wish, selfishly, shedding bathtubs full of tears, for your Dad to come back. If he was very ill…it wouldn’t be a favour to him….only you.

Love what you have….love the memories you have within you. It is a win-win situation no matter which way it sits at your home.

Pop – I love you and yes, I miss you and  do wish you were still here, but for me, not so you would continue to be ill and suffer more.

I would love to dance with you just one more time. It was always so much fun!


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