Tips for Guest Room

Winter is almost over and now would be a great time to think about what is needed for  your guest room. (Yes, they will appear).  If you do not have a guest room but must send one of the kids to the rumpus room to sleep, make sure you have an air mattress that can be blown up for them to sleep on. (Floors are toohard).

Make sure the room is spotless-clean and the linens are fresh and, again, clean. Curtains should be washed or dusted/vacuumed.

Put together a box/basket/tray with goodies that they can use should they forget something when they packed their suitcase. This is not a costly venture.

Go to Walmart or the Dollar Store and pick up the travel size bottles etc. of toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, bar soap and/or liquid shower soap and puff, hair spray, shampoo, cream rinse, men’s shaving cream, extra toothbrushes, sleep masks, bottle of Tylenol/Aspirin, clean glass(es).

Recent magazines or newspapers for your guests to relax and read. Small bowl of chocolates (we always place one chocolate on their pillows), nuts, chips, fruit. When we had the Bed and Breakfast, we always put out a tray of fresh and chilled grapes, crackers, salty treats, watermelon etc., jug of ice water and glasses for when they arrived and could settle in.

Each person should have their own towels, face cloths and hand towels. Show them where they can find more toilet paper, kleenex box or towels. This way they don’t feel like they are bothering you or using too much of any product.

If your guests are staying longer than two days…empty out their garbage pail, put in a clean plastic white garbage bag. Change their towels (without fuss).

Oh yeah, put fresh flowers in their room and a couple in the bathroom. Personally, I don’t feel there is any other item that shows you are delighted to have these people in your home than fresh flowers. They are not expensive…garden flowers if you have a garden, inexpensive bunches at the grocery store.

None of the things above are expensive or difficult to achieve. Honest!

Be gracious. Be sincere. Be the one who treats everyone like royalty. Enjoy their time with you. There is no guarantee for another tomorrow.



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