Impromptu Dinner With Our Neighbour

Yesterday morning my husband brought up a bag of frozen  Heritage tomatoes we put away last summer and asked me what I thought he should make. I immediately said “Bolognese sauce” and we went from there.

I looked across the street at my neighbour’s house and said we should invite her tonight. Now, this is on-the-spot- dinner planning (at it’s best, I may add).

Menu should be simple but tasty, right?
Okay, here we go….cheese and crackers with a glass of wine and conversation. Now we leave the comfy and warm livingroom and enter the breakfast room.

Then a terrific crisp salad with Don’s special dressing to start the dinner off. On the table we have a small plate with oil and  fig/balsamic vinegar. In this you dip fresh baguette slices….yummmmmm. Now it begins…







Once the salad is finished, the pasta and sauce is next. Now let me tell you….you can’t get enough of that sauce. Good grief, it is sooooo good.

More wine, conversation and now dessert. Don told me I had to make something that would go wtih the pumpkin ice cream we had in the freezer. Okay, thinker on….skimming through all the desserts I have on my site  I found one. Sticky Toffee Pudding with caramel sauce. Add a scoop of the pumpkin ice cream and it was fabulous! Watch the presentation, of course.

Table was set…take a peek. This was done with our “kitchen” dishes. As I have always said….treat any and all who enter your home like royalty and you will always do your best, make your best, and feel your best.

It was a fun night. We looked through my cook book “The B & B Cookbook” and chatted even more. A couple  cups of coffee later, the evening came to a close. No fuss really, just simple but welcoming and friendly.

Love nights like this!


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