After two years of putting up recipes, table settings, Breakfast fare, dinner menus, entertaining tips and hints and also putting up reviews of  Hotels we stayed in and Restaurants we ate at, I have divided the two.

Hotels and Restaurants should be separate and it is important for me to write what we experienced and tasted so that you, when travelling through, in or live in some of these places, might want to try but are unsure what “inside” will be.

We have, and will continue to write about places we have travelled to, tried, tasted and either loved or places where we think you might not want to visit. Cleanliness, staff attitudes, comfort, menu offerings are just as important as not having to sit in torn seats possibly mended with duct tape, paint chipped off the backs of booths, floors not cleaned, walls looking old and unloved, tables chipped and not looked after.

We never inform these places what I do, but will always leave a business card behind and offer them to comment if they wish to. I do this because I do not want special services or attention the average patron would not get. This is not being sneaky.

I try very hard not to be a “just because” reviewer but one you continue to read because you like what I say, will make a point to visit or, on the other hand, will refrain from attending.

It is up to you and from today on, the reviews will not be on this site, but here in their new home. Damn, I gotta read this!


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