Christmas Is On Its Way

We live in a small community in southern British Columbia and, as of yesterday, lights are adorning the yards, stairs, roof lines started sparkling around town . As if someone pushed a button, you can see the lit Christmas trees in the windows as you drive on the different streets.

When out walking, you can start to enjoy the smells of baking wafting throughout the neighborhood and you almost wish you knew who lived there and invite yourelf in for a coffee and closer smell.

Due to the fact my sister and I used to race to see who could have all the gifts bought and wrapped before Hallowe’en, leaves me to be disliked by those who leave it until 6 p.m. Christmas Eve. I can’t help it, it still happens in our house to this day. In September, while visiting Don’s daughter and family, we took their gifts (all wrapped) to keep until Christmas, and also those gifts for our friends in the City where we used to reside.

As mentioned before we do all our Christmas baking on November 11 and then I started….slowly……sneaking a little ornament here and a new wreath or two on a couple of windows, all the while wrapping more gifts as they were available.

Oh yes, Christmas letter is done and cards were addressed, stamped and ready to go out next week.

Then, I had to figure out what the colour theme is going to be this year….it is never the same and we always try to make the table a joyful site to sit at, enjoy our traditional  dinner and talk about everything and nothing for hours with family.

Boxing Day more family arrives and we do it all again. What joy to be able to sit down and enjoy another feast.

Christmas is also time to sit back and reflect on seasons past with family members who are no longer with us, the joyful times, the silly games played or stories of long ago and, if you are like me, a slow smile crosses your face and you do feel good, even though you wish for all you can, that they were, once again, sitting at your table. Oh yes……..

Most of all, going to Church and never forgetting the real reason for this special time of year…..singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and being so thankful for all in your life.


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