A Day In The Week Of….

Well, with company coming Saturday, there is a lot to get done before then. Also, on November 11, we do our Christmas baking for our give-away trays.

So, here it goes….Monday I made my lemon shortbread, pecan shortbread and cheese shortbread. I did this because once you make the dough, it must be refrigerated for one to three hours to get stiff and ready for baking. With the two of us working and baking all day, I thought it would ease the space just a little.

We have two trips to make to Penticton this week (one just to go and pick up the duck we were able to purchase from our friendly Chef Paul), the other to finish our grocery shopping. Then I have the dessert to start, table to set, house to clean and, on the last day, floors to clean.

Don has the duck terrine to make, salmon to prepare, and a potato dish to work out (so far unknown).

Sunday morning we start. Don makes his tourtiere and, hopefully, his antipasta, which is to die for.

Oh, did I tell you before….last week when we were getting our flu shots, he noticed there was a bake sale coming next week at the Seniors Centre and, oh gosh, his wife would be happy to participate.┬áRight…so yesterday I scoured the cookbooks and my site to come up with something new and different. I found about 6 different items to tackle so next Monday I, again, go on another bake-a-thon.

The good thing is….I love it and the bad thing (or good) is neither of us can eat any of it….haha jokes on us. We are trying to lose weight.

Heck, I need a martini just thinking about all this.


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