Recipe for Endurance in Love

I am off on a different channel today. While reading the paper this morning, I read where a lady didn’t know what to do with her husband’s flirting on the Internet. The answer from ‘whomever’ was to flirt everyday with your husband.

Another reader wrote in and said she would rather get a divorce than flirt after many years of marriage. WOW!  Really?

Next week my husband and I will celebrate  21 years of marriage and together 3 year before that. We flirt every day. I can’t imagine not playing the silly games we do. The kids would run from the room thinking we should be locked up.

Over the years, the total thrill of touching hands, walking into a room, walking out of a room, winks, smiles (special ones just for you) when you first date grows into years of  expressing opinions, yours- his and staying friends. still having your heart catch at the sight of him walking into the room, walking out of the room, rubbing my feet every night…..if I whine alot or plead through, sometimes, two sets of commercials on TV, I get the most fabulous foot massage.

Sure, it changes a little: family, bills, health….this  all comes to bear BUT that special giggle, wink, touch or pat makes it all worthwhile. You don ‘t just walk away…….Besides, if you don’t flirt early on and wait until the kids grow up and move away…pray tell me what you have. I could probably tell you what you have not…but then that is just me and that is only my opinion, not yours.

If you quit flirting, making time to be alone together, or just sharing your day, you have not earned the right to leave.

So…..walk into his/her space, blow a kiss, indulge in a kiss, tell a joke, pinch her fanny , rub his/her shoulders and just see what results. While making your partner the most important person in your eyes and his, you don’t have time to not get along. Keep the excitement flowing… the old saying goes “Too old smart, too young dead”.

Now, which room did my husband walk into…..I think he might need a hug……





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