Holiday Tips

Just when you think you don’t have ‘anything’, take another look around. Is there a Dollar Store near you?  If so, go pick up some small cookie cutters. Make them different.  Then when you set your table, pull your napkin through, Voila! Now let your guests take them home with them.


If you want a simple but elegant, table centre, use a pretty glass container, fill it with fresh cranberries, insert a floating candle or three and again, it is inexpensive yet  pretty to look at. If you have a tree outside, cut off some cedar and wrap it around the base of the glass container. Now THAT is a showpiece. Right?

Cost: Minimal, Look: terrific, Memories: Priceless!




Use small Christmas balls, and take a place card for each one, write their name on individual cards, insert into the top of the ball  (or use glue or doublesided tape) and set it on the table. Pretty, innovative and costs next to nothing.

The thing to remember is it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just let your imagination run with new ideas. It makes a HUGE difference and, again, the memories people come away with are priceless.

If you have other ideas, please comment and everyone benefits.


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