Celebration Christmas Table Setting

I have a week before our big “Lead-in-to-Christmas dinner with 12 friends and, so you can see how it is built up, I started putting our table together. We have taken pictures and are putting them now on the site, along with some of the pictures that go with the recipes. More to come.

I tried several colours and opted for a Royal Blue satin cloth with an organza topper in the same colour. (I made these years ago)  Then went scouting around to see what would make it look special.  I have candle holders (gifts given over the years), Christmas crackers, Christmas  place card holders that look like ball ornaments for the tree.

The crackers came with little place cards, so I wrote everyone’s name on them and put them together. When we were in Costco several months back, they had a box of 12 individually boxed chocolates. I just set the place card holder on top of the box on the corner of the charger plate.

You can purchase charger plates at almost any store, including the dollar stores. They don’t have to be china but they look great, and protect your table cloth from spills.

The idea is to make, use, borrow or get as gifts all the things you want to make your table special. Our kids are great for doing just that. I have snow white napkins  (industrial strength) and 12 little gravy boats (1 for each guest) as an example what they give me.

Watch over this next week. You will see the table in stages and the dinner as being served. Then  you have several weeks to think about what you are going to do. one thing that is a must…tablecloth must be clean and IRONED.

Later…..have to try out the martini I am planning to serve as the signature drink.



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