Black and Tan Table Setting




When I was planning a black and tan table setting “just because” for our next planned dinner and I didn’t have a tablecloth for it, I went to the fabric store and picked up material to make a tablecloth, 6 napkins and an exotic organza material to make the table top enhancer for the next night.

I told our friends that it was going to be very simple as my Dad has just passed away and although I wasn’t that much into a gourmet dinner, I needed the company.

The menu for that evening was:


  • Rolled ham with cream cheese and pickled asparagus
  • Hot Canapes a la Costco


  • Cold Strawberry Soup (homemade)
  • Salad
  • Lasagne (homemade)
  • Rum Cake (from scratch)

As I said, it was extremely simple but the friendship was what I wanted. Did it help? Yes.


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