Sun, Sun, Sun

I decided to be like everyone else this weekend…enjoy the sun, Yes it is hot here but it is a dry heat and not so suffocating.

Last night we went to the campground here and had a super dinner with my cousin and her husband. It is great to be able to do this. For years the miles kept us apart but phone calls almost every week kept us up to date. To sit together and talk about the things we did (or in my case, of course) didn’t do is a big laugh and so enjoyed by the 4 of us.

We left a bit too early perhaps but the heat finally catches up and sleep seems like a great alternative.  We’ll see them next week for sure.

My other cousin, had just left for a holiday in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. Will have lots to catch up on when she returns.

After our walk this morning, we sat on the deck  drinking coffee, reading the paper, finally having breakfast.  Oh yeah, then we had lunch as well out there. Don says to me….’boy, this is the life of Riley, isn’t it?” Yup! have to agree.  Retirement should have happened  years ago. (Sorry, I am supposed to say semi-reirement. That’s for  him. Me? Uhuh…I am retired and lovin’ it.

Gee, must be time somewhere in this world where a martini would be a good idea. Later.


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