Sleep Overs With Friends Should Be A Must..

Yesterday, we went to our friends cabin at the lake and shared good times, good food and, of course, good wine.

Our parents went to school together in Grade 1 and remained close friends for over 80 years. The two girls, Wendy and Judith (Judy to friends) and I have been friends since the cradle I think.  Anyway, when packing up things in our basement we came across pictures of long ago trips to the lake, golfing weekends and one thing remains constant….

Good friends, good and lively conversation and, of course, good food and wine. I recommend it highly for friends to do this. If you are of a younger generation with kids, get a sitter (Grandmas love this). We all need a break from whatever is going on in our lives at this moment and just plain go for it.

We ended the visit with a lovely breakfast and more laughter and conversation. The best coffee ever and then we did have to say that we would see them when they come to visit us in our new home.


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