Two days to go

We belong to a Supper club which meets once a month and we are hosting one Friday. 17 people will be here. Whew!

Now it begins, clean house, make sure the bathroom shines (and again the day of) and this means clean towels, mirror, t.p. at the ready and a small sprig of fresh flowers or a lit candle that sits in a small bowl of water and will not cause any damage. Just make sure it is out before you go to bed. Check onĀ it from time to time during the evening.

Now to check the glasses for sparkle and make sure I have all the ingredients for what we are going to make Friday morning.

Set the table the night before (as in get the dishes, cutlery, napkins, tablecloth, candles, flowers, glasses out. This is going to be buffet style and now, just thinking about it, I should go and pour myself a drink.

The fun soon begins.


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